Individual and Family Counseling in the Home

My therapy interventions expand where outpatient is often not enough for the clients I serveI offer in-home therapy that utilizes CBT, family systems work, humor, warmth, positive behavioral reinforcement, practical applications that individuals with autism, ADHD, processing and learning differences can utilize.  I work with the individual, family and family members for maximum reinforcement and lasting positive change.

In the Moment Therapy

By working with my clients where they need me, I am able to provide in the moment therapy.  This is often home based but can also adapt to the community, school, business or other relevant needs.  I travel to where you need me.

Parent Support and Coaching

I partner with parents and provide a level of support and coaching that is not seen in traditional outpatient models.  I work to understand the unique differences within each family around parenting a child with different processing and learning needs.  This level of support helps to really reinforce the individual treatment goals we establish in our work together.

Advocacy and Educational Consulting

Over the many years of experience as an LICSW, I have developed an understanding for advocacy and educational consulting that I bring to my clients and their parents.  I am available for school meetings as well as any other meetings that help direct client well-being and care.  I help you navigate the many systems that your child may receive support from.  The first being the school system and other relevant educational services that interact with your child.

Life Skills Building

This becomes tailored to each individual family.  Some of the basic areas are coping skills, emotional regulation, money management, executive functioning and organizational support.  This is where the work really expands and is reinforced beyond the typical office setting.

Social Skills and Social Pragmatic Training

Many of my clients have struggles with social isolation, peer and community connections, reading non-verbal cues, anxiety, depression and school adjustment.  I work to learn each client’s unique processing style and utilize coaching and mentoring techniques to help make adaptive change.  My clients have told me my humor is corny but helps them feel better and understand “how things work socially.”

Phone Support

This builds on in the moment therapy.  This can be anything from managing a more difficult day, in place of an in the person meeting, consulting child or parent coaching.  I often can use this part of the service to help a bump from becoming an actual crisis.

IEP Review and Neuropsychological Testing

I have broken down many IEP’s and neuropsychological testing for parents.  I use this to help parents and clients better understand the processing and learning difference they have and options to compensate and build skills around deficits.  I also help grow the inherent strengths that are present too.  All of this information also informs my advocacy and educational consulting with parents on behalf of their children.

Consulting with Other Professionals

I have worked with many psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, mental health, behavioral, occupational and speech therapists.  This can expand and help reinforce the work that I do with families in their home and other natural settings.

Training of School Staff

Actually working with a client at their school.  This can involve counseling at school or other therapeutic support; as well as additional training and support of school staff.  This can also take the form of helping students reintegrate back to school; such as a period of school refusal.  I can also work with private schools to help work with school staff when an IEP isn’t in place for a client.

Jim Brightman, LICSW

Based in Newton, Massachusetts and serving the Greater Boston and MetroWest areas.

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